Taco Bell and Deltaco Review by this YouTuber gone viral right now. She is tasting various menus from these fast food giants in USA. Its amazing how she looks and the way she presents it. I guess she is popular because she is very good at talking. She makes people want to see her eat. Nice voice and a charming look isn’t bad at all.

Hard Tacos from Taco Bell

It seems like many Americans loves Mexican type of fast food and this YouTuber is no exception to that. She proves how delicious Mexican food is. Also she proves that fast food doesn’t need to be a burger,.. but it can be tacos and buritos. Isn’t that a nice thing to reveal? It is!

Deltaco seems to have a different approach. Their buritos is smaller but seems like the YouTuber likes it anyway. So, if you have plans to visit USA. Now you know a bit more about what you can get when you goto Taco Bell and Deltaco. She really shows you whats inside of the meals you get.

None of these fast food chains is available in Norway. A reason to visit USA? … Well.. our conclusion is YES! Fantastic Video!


Source: YouTube