Review of LEON in Oslo, Norway

LEON is a new type of healthy Fast Food chains popping up here and there. You can check their site here. It’s a chain that aims at changing your eating patterns to line up with your choice to carry on with a solid way of life. However if you know people that just blames junk food or fast food for not being healthy. Then we at Etrita recommends you to try LEON healthy fast food menu lunch experience.

There are dozen of burger chains that have Yummy delicious Burgers

There are intensive scores of Fast Food burger chains throughout the world. It seems that every country, city or town has its share of a bunch of them. Whether it’s McDonald’s, Burger King or newcomers like LEON it seems like there are a ton of Fast Food options to choose from. However. It seems like the healthy Fast Food concepts in the world seems to be forgotten. We have to admit that it is quite tasty to get that burger you always know on either McDonald’s and Burger King.

Subway in the world however, is one of the healthier Fast Food alternatives that focuses on baguettes. But what do you do if you want to grab a Healthier burger? LEON is the answer we think. McDonald’s here in Norway tries to invent themselves by introducing many salad types. But how about their burger menus? They do have vegetarian alternatives on their menus like MAX burger does. But the complete focus is not on healthy Fast Food like LEON. So, we decided to give it a try.

Healthy burgers at LEON is a success they’ve taken from Britain to Norway

For the sake of this article, we’re going to have a quick look at a few of the leading chains, and from there we’ll determine which seems to be the favorite amongst people going for healthier fast food alternatives out there. Trond and I have looked all over the net and we read a handful of reviews and surveys here and there for doing this article more correct. Norwegians are really into healthy food, so to see them land here is a really nice miracle we think. Surveys in the major newspapers reveals Norwegians care for healthy food.

Also the fact we found is that LEON opened their first fast food restaurant at the main central train station in Oslo. By doing so, they really shows their love for Norway and that they really want to succeed in this country that cares about healthy food.

While the Big Mac from McDonald’s, the Whopper from Burger King, and some of the other more well known Fast Food burgers chains remain quite popular here in Norway, the most successful feedback comes from people that we met at LEON in fact. They thought that the pricing was stiff and that the chain should have burger menus to compete with McDonald’s and Burger King which is the only negative side about LEON. The focus on healthy Fast Food image that they’ve got is something that attracts Norwegians we thinks. When visited in lunchtime, LEON had lots of visitors actually.

We got the impression that People at LEON absolutely love the fact that it’s meat is never frozen and that the fries are made in nice rounded cutted designed flakes. Everything tastes extremely fresh for being fast food, they say too. We also agreed on that.

Great overall LEON review that makes us Recommend it a lot

Our own test review of our trip to LEON is mostly positive. Well, the favorite menus is one of the many boxes that have different chicken variations and meat variants is many too with healthy rice and salad. They also have nice side dishes to the main meals that are helthy too. The burgers is a High Five, with delicious Chicken bites that isn’t fried at all. The flat striped gourmet alike rounded fries are delicious too and the Green Tea and Water that we tried was a delicious experience too.

A nice thing to add though, even though they are a bit expensive and got no menus. LEON do serve Fresh Water for free. So, it you are in hurry. Just buy one of their burgers or boxes with healthy food in them and fill up with fresh water for free.


Lot’s of Yummy Chicken and Healthy rice in this Lunchbox from LEON made the visit special

While many other chains are loved by Norwegian and visitors visiting Oslo, we think that LEON can have a future here if they can compete when it comes to their pricing. We would love to see menus for people that isn’t in hurry.

A great first impression. And also a nice bonus comment at the end. Nice design in their first healthy Fast Food restaurant in Oslo, Norway

LEON Review
  • Taste
  • Presentation
  • Lastability
  • Service
  • Pricing


We wish Leon welcome to compete on the Norwegian market! We need healthier options and we like they take people’s health seriously!


Feels healthy

Good location


A bit expensive to be fast food

Source: and Etrita own Experience