Recipe: How To Make Holiday Cookie Pizza

Forget sugar cookies and fruitcake! There’s a new holiday favorite in town: the holiday cookie pizza! With this holiday will be extended to your home for sure!

Tasty Dessert Pizza Recipe

The cookie pizza is perfect for so many reasons. It pleases kids and adults alike. It’s easy to transport and to serve at parties. Plus, you can put your own unique spin on it and decorate it however you want!

Pillsbury has a basic recipe to follow to make the pizza pictured above, but remember you can make this holiday cookie pizza all your own. Don’t be afraid to add your spin, or let the kiddos help. Holiday cookie pizzas are very forgiving, so go ahead and let the little ones get messy and have fun with it. The result will still be pure deliciousness.

Here’s our Holiday Cookie Pizza

First, pick up some pre-made cookie dough from the store. (Yes, I told you this was easy!) Sugar cookie dough will probably be best, as it will give you a neutral base that you can then get creative with later. But you can also use chocolate chip cookie dough, gingerbread dough or whatever your little holiday heart desires!

Spray a round pan with nonstick spray. Then lay out the pieces of cookie dough, flatten them, and spread it out so that it becomes your “pizza crust.” Then pop it in the oven.

Once it is finished, it’s time to start decorating! While the dough is still warm, you add chocolate chips. Then, take a spatula and spread the melting chocolate goodness all over every inch (think of it as the sauce for your pizza.) But, again, you can get creative here. You could use white chocolate chips, peppermint chips or butterscotch or cinnamon chips. It’s up to you and your elves!

Still have leftover Halloween candy? How about this for a yummy holiday dish, as Instagram user kayla_c_r did?

I made dessert pizza, because I still have leftover Halloween candy… Anybody want a slice?! #cookiepizza #leftovercandy #giantcookie #dessertpizza

A post shared by Kayla Richardson (@kayla_c_r) on

Then, you can drizzle your pizza with melted peanut butter (think of this as the “cheese” layer of your pizza). But, if you’re planning to take this to a school party, you probably shouldn’t go the peanut route. Instead, consider drizzling it with melted marshmallows! Allergy-friendly and delicious. You could even use vegan marshmallows if you wanted to go gelatin-free.

Finally, top your holiday cookie pizza with candy or sprinkles. As you can see in the Pillsbury cookie pizza, holiday-colored candies make a perfect choice, but you could also use crumbled peppermint bark or shredded coconut!

I also like this festive-colored cookie pizza that Instagram user mccawbudsberg shared, which resembles a real pizza at the same time. Cute, right?

#cookiepizza @wyeastpizza

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Remember: Don’t be afraid to customize your holiday pizza to your own tastes. Enjoy!

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