Pink Fish could have become Something… .. .

In Oslo, Norway there is a totally new Fast Food chain. Their name is Pink Fish and they focus on the new and more refreshing slogan “Healthy Fast Food”. We visited their restaurant which sits next to Odeon cinema here in Oslo and here is what we think of it.

Pink Fish could have become Something... .. .

Delicious food but …

Pink Fish could have become Something... .. .

Because of Odeon days, we got the meals at Pink Fish for half of the price. It was the ideal opportunity to test this new chain. We had plans to do it before also but the prices they have are just too high to call it Fast Food we think. So we waited on such half price opportunity and went there for giving you an honest review.

Both of us ordered their Bowls. Trond went for the American version while I went for their Asian version. These bowls are dishes with hot rice, salmon and various salads. I loved mine. It tasted really good but Trond wasn’t too happy about his dish because his rice was too cold and not cooked enough. Also, the staff at Pink Fish was so unpolite. He didn’t ask if we want something to drink. We had to ask him. The total atmosphere in this fast food restaurant ruined it for us. My Asian bowl tasted great but I also agree about the staff being unpolite. Not just to us but also to the other visitors.

Pink Fish could have become Something... .. .Lower the Prices!

For the half price that we ate. That would have been the normal price for these dishes we think. If this Fast Food got the ambitions to compete well with Burger King and McDonald’s here in Norway. They need to have their prices set a competitive range. If the dishes had a price between 80 NOK and 130 NOK then it would be okay. But since most of their dishes are 130 NOK or above it is not going to take Pink Fish to any heights. Or the owners don’t care?

The concept of Pink Fish is brilliant since Norway is known for its salmon worldwide. Its a very smart idea to open a Fast Food chain based on what Norway is best at regarding food. But our visit didn’t give us the best experience at all. We would really like to see the owners taking this market way more seriously. We think that Pink Fish would do amazing if their service became better and that the cut the prices 30-40 percent so they can really compete with the other Fast Food chains.

Pink Fish could have become Something... .. .LEON is yet another Fast Food chain that just opened at the Oslo central station. They are also a bit pricy but they do have burgers that are cheaper. LEON is a British healthy fast food chain while Pink Fish is trying to tell people that they are Norwegian. In fact, I think that renaming it to something Norwegian like “Rosa Laksbiten” or something would give the fast-food chain an even better Norwegian feel.

We wish Pink Fish the best and maybe you don’t agree with us regarding our experience. But this is the experience that we got. Feel free to comment below your thoughts of Pink Fish. You find Pink Fish at Oslo City shopping mall in the city center and beside Odeon IMAX cinema at Storo area of Oslo.

  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Taste
  • Pricing

Final Verdict of Pink Fish

Pink Fish is a new Fast Food chain that’s only been in Norway for a short time. We visited it on a discount day because of the pricing that they have. Our experience wasn’t as expected from a Norwegian driven fast food company that seems to want to become famous for their salmon and fish dishes.


My Asian bowl tasted really nice but the American bowl had cold rice. Michals experience was better than Tronds experience.


Bad Service. Never smiled to us. Didn’t ask for drinks. We had to ask him. Maybe he had a bad day. But when Pink Fish is so new such persons shouldn’t be allowed to work for the fast food chain. Customer Service is important even though you serve customers in a Fast Food restaurant.

Source: Etrita Own Experience