Make those Polish pierogi perfect with our Recipe and Guide

Pierogi Recipe and Guide

photosource: pixabay – Pierogi made as they should look like when done working with the dough part

For decades, Polish people have been eating pierogi which is dough filled shells. These dough shells can be filled with white cheese, mushrooms, meat or even blueberries. If you make enough one day, these Polish pierogi can be kept within many days and they are also perfect for putting in the freezer.

Here is Etrita’s guide to how to make these fantastic dough shells and some of its fillings. Let’s begin!

1st we make the Dumpling dough

  • 250g/9oz self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 1 table spoon of salt
  • 1 table spoon with vegetable oil
  • 150ml/5fl oz warm water
  • 1 egg

You can add salt or pepper to get more taste. Just be careful. Especially if you’re going to make Pierogi with blueberries. I like to actually add 1 tiny spoon with sugar. But it’s not a mandatory to have in the dough at all.

Mix the self-raising flour, salt, vegetable oil, warm water and the egg into a nice dumpling dough. You can either mix it with a machine or doing it with your hands. If you do it with your hands, then do this in a bowel as it is the easiest way. Once all of the ingredients for making the dough have been mixed well, by using your your hands. Then the dough is ready to be taken out of the bowel and onto a bench with extra self-raising flour on it so its easier making the dough. Here you need some strength in your arms and make that dough get some nice air while you make the dough look like a French baguette. The dough needs to become totally soft and smooth at the same time.

Then you roll out the dough so that it becomes a very long French baguette. Cut it with a knife and make small pierogi balls that you form so that that they are flat. Fill the chosen filling and lock it as a shell. Many grandparents in Poland knows how to do this. However, if you are a newbie it can be a bit tricky. But once you get the hands going, you will make the pierogi dumplings in no time. Good luck!

2nd we want to fill the Dumpling dough

Mushroom Filling

  • 50g/2oz dried mushrooms
  • 250g/9oz ready-made sauerkraut (available in jars from larger supermarkets)
  • 40g/1┬Żoz with butter

You can use different types of dried mushrooms. Sometimes I like to put them on a pan in butter first before mixing them together with the Dumpling dough. Here you can really mix as you want. Some of the grocery stores have season mushrooms that can be exchanged also for even better taste!

Cottage Cheese Filling

  • 250g/9oz of cottage cheese
  • 3 table spoon with olive oil
  • Half table spoon with sugar

These types of filling is called Ruskie Pierogi. They aren’t related to Russians at all. But its rather related to Ruthenian or Rusyn pierogi. It’s made up by peoples living around the northern Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine, eastern Slovakia, and south east Poland. This area in the world is called and known as Galicia in English.

This area is called Galicja in Polish, Halic in Slovak and Halchyna in Ukrainian. They have managed to create the most loved version of the pierogi and now you can try it also!

Meat Filling

In Poland its a mandatory to not throw out food. So, the meat that should be used for the meat versions of the pierogi is leftovers from other dishes. But, if you don’t have that. You can steak fresh meat in a pan together with onion or separate. Then in the end you use this filling and fill the pierogi dumplings.

Pierogi Recipe and Guide

photosource: pixabay – Polish pierogi dumplings after being in a frying pan with butter and onion. Remember that if you steak the onion a bit longer than usual. Then the onion starts to unleash a sugar alike taste and in many cases will do amazing things to any dish that you make with onions. Try!

Getting Ready to eat some Polish pierogi dumplings! Finally

To make the dumplings eatable there are 3 possibilities. Pierogi dumplings can either 1. cook them in water 2. put them in a bowl into the oven with butter or 3. steak them in a frying pan with butter. Once they are yellow alike they are eatable. Serve sauerkraut to the mushroom and meat versions. For the sweeter blueberry versions, you can powder some icing sugar on top of them for extra flavor. You can also use sour cream too. Many options.

Pierogi is something that sits in the blood of Polish people. They are humongous popular. Once you have made them once, then you can have meals for one or two months if you wish. Polish pierogi fills up your hunger pretty fast for sure and was an ideal dish during the communistic times.



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