Can Fast Food be Healthy?

There are two sides of the same coin. You may have heard rumors and arguments on both sides regarding Fast Food. You may even have asked yourself one time or another, are all Fast Food healthy or not? Can you eat Fast Food servings without worrying about your health? How can you eat Fast Food and still stay healthy? Etrita, which is part of Distrita Family of niche sites made a nice Review about LEON here in Oslo¬†which is a totally new British Fast Food chain focusing on Healthy food only that you can check out here. So, with their Opening in Norway, Etrita website wants to bring the healthiness topic even closer to you because we are a niche site where the topic is Fast Food. So, let’s reveal healthiness of Fast Food intake.

Fast Food HealthFood chains all over the World needs to turn Fast Food into something Positive

Many countries where Fast Food is consumed a lot is the leading countries when it comes to obesity. Some of them are United States of America (USA), United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Poland, and Australia. USA is even in the top three in the world in terms of existing Fast Food restaurant chains. You can put two and two together, where you get to the conclusion that the popularity of Fast Food restaurants in the USA alone is affecting the health of the consumers. The media says;

So, what is McDonald’s doing which is World’s biggest Fast Food Restaurant?

McDonald’s, which is one of the most famous Fast Food restaurant chains in the world, has faced many lawsuits with parents of teenagers claiming that the Fast Food restaurant is responsible for their daughter’s health problems. Although the case was dismissed, it started a battle of Fast Food restaurants against health experts. Here in Norway, Europe the media have always been following McDonald’s battle everywhere and also in Norway too.

So, after 2017 McDonald’s has finally put lots of effort into bringing Healthier Fast Food options to their menus and Now in 2018 the Norwegian McDonald’s Fast Food restaurants just released a totally new menu with much more focus on Vegetarian dishes and even more Salads options. McDonald’s in Norway even started serving sweet potato fries too.

So, people visiting them got much healthier options now. With these moves, McDonald’s is changing peoples view on Fast Food for sure.

Fast Food HealthDon’t eat Fast Food every day! Try to give your stomach different food every day

Obesity and eating the very same food every day is for sure not something to laugh about. To give the stomach no variation in food intake can lead to all sorts of complications such as diabetes mellitus type 2, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and, of course, cardiovascular diseases. Aside from that, being on the heavy side can make a person the butt of jokes which ultimately results in social outcasts and suicidal attempts. Friends, Family, and people around people got obesity or eating the very same food every day should alert the person doing so. Sedentary lifestyle and overeating are the main reasons why there are people who are considered obese.

To reduce obesity is to eat different food. Try teaching your mind and tongue different tastes. People of all ages¬†should be familiar with the daily calorie intake. Your calorie intake highly depends on your weight and lifestyle. On average, health specialists stated that the daily calorie intake for women is 1200 calories and 1800 calories for men. Generally, one Fast Food meal that consists of a Big Mac menu type of meal has around 1000 calories. But if you order more salad or drink a Smoothie together or after eating your Big Mac menu. You’re helping your stomach a lot.

Deep-fried and Heated up Fast Food shouldn’t be consumed too often

Most of the food offered by Fast Food restaurants are deep-fried or heated up in the microwave if you choose the worst meals on their list. These processes of food preparation take minimum time, unlike home cooked meals. As a result, most Fast Food products have high calories and are practically swimming in trans-fat which isn’t good. However. When working a lot, or sitting during the night designing something on your computer Fast Food is easy to prepare.

We recommend anyone to bring some nice Vegetables or even Fruits that you can heal your stomach with if you have eaten deep-fried food. But if you order a meal that doesn’t have deep-fried food. You don’t need to do so much action at all.

If you take deep-fried into consideration, then yes, Fast Food can be unhealthy. Some health experts have grounds why they are against eating Fast Food products. On the other hand, it does not mean that you have to stop eating Fast Food altogether to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fast Food restaurants were a hit because they serve food in minimum time, in good taste, and in lesser price. So how are you going to make the two ends meet? You need to become more Flexible. Look at what the restaurant offers. Become more aware of what you eat and do not stop eating at Fast Food places. They can be healthy restaurants if You want it to be.

Fast Food Health

Fast Food Restaurant chains changed Their Menus because of People

When health issues were raised, Fast Food restaurants came up with possible solutions to make their menu appealing to health-concerned newspaper article writers. Fast Food restaurants like McDonald’s, especially here in Norway, Europe added salads, fresh fruit, and even started offering white meat to widen the selection of their consumers. Burger King in Norway even introduced a way that let people choose what kind of bread type they wanted for their burgers. But Burger King stopped doing this. Why did you stop offering this?

Also, nutritional facts are now clearly visible at McDonald’s restaurants. They are made available so that people would have an idea of how many calories are in their orders. These restaurants are doing their part, but why is it that they are still being blamed? Maybe it is the media that writes too many negative articles about Fast Food that needs to change? Because Fast Food is not only about burgers and fries. It is also about salads, fruits, bread types and more too.

In our conclusion to this article. It all boils down to you as a consumer of Fast Food. If you want to live a long life, you should not stop eating Fast Food, but you should know what you actually eat. Moderation every week or even better every month is the key to the success of your stomach and your life. You cannot have burgers and fries every day and think that’s not going to affect you. Because it will. So! Instead of a Big Mac meal, why don’t you order a burger with white meat? If a white meat burger is not good enough for you, just experiment with avoiding add-ons like cheese, bacon, or mayonnaise sauce. Other add-ons can be tasty without the onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mustard too. You can skip additional toppings on top of your pizza.

Fast Food HealthEven when your eyes and mouth really thinks that a slice of chocolate cake makes your life happier, then just order a low-fat yogurt or ice cream for dessert instead of for once too. Lastly, the best tip in this entire article is to forget about the upsize promo. It will save you from calories and save a few pennies too. Also, you are getting tricked when buying upsize fries. It looks like more, but it isn’t because the bigger fries bags tricks you into thinking that they have bigger space. But in reality its only fraction. Sometimes when I’ve ordered small or medium fries. I’ve even got more fries than the one that ordered the upsize extra large menu.

A balanced diet is pretty elementary for every stomaches in the whole world. As long as you know how to balance your intake, you’re good to go eating Fast Food too. The next time you crave for some Fast Food, indulge yourself. Just make it a point not to have the urge every day of the week or even better. Order healthier Fast Food, because Fast Food ain’t bad itself. It’s the Fast Food menu that You order that is.

Here at Erita Fast Food site we will follow the market and Review Fast Food Restaurants now and then for you. We will reveal about the healthiness when visiting them. So, be sure to get content that You can share with others. Fast Food can be as Healthy as any other food and We at Etrita will prove that to you.


Source: Etrita own Experience