Fried Chicken that is Tasty but Way to Expensive

Norway must be one of the very few countries in the world left where KFC hasn’t set foot yet. But many fried chicken fast food similarities tries to get the market in Oslo before KFC, in the end, enters the Norwegian fast food market? KFC has landed in Sweden with several fast-food restaurants over there. So it is only a question when they will come to Norway? … or?..

Fried Chicken that is Tasty but Way to Expensive

Tasty Fried Chicken Restaurant without a Fast Food Menu

Before I have visited Maxim chicken. This is another fried chicken fast-food chain in Oslo. It is mostly a Halal chain that got a few restaurants in Oslo with the biggest one being the one at the Grønland Metro station. However this one’s name is Dr. Crunchy and they have opened at Nydalen, not far from Nydalen metro station. This is just side by side with BI University in the same area.

The very first impression that I’ve got personally when I visited the restaurant was that they had a quite nice design. But the whole concept inside at Dr. Crucnchy was a bit empty and one of the walls had fish on them and not any pictures of crunchy fried chicken bites. Why?… The interior of the restaurant and all made me also wonder about how it will look like when our summer in Oslo is over. Trond and I went to the cashier and showed the person serving customers our orders which we did thru a Let’s Deal coupon code. But we found out that this fast-food restaurant doesn’t have a menu when we visited. I saw on the menu later that you can get it but it’s not easy to find on the menu at all.

Their name is brilliant, but something is missing…! Dr. Crunchy must do something to their looks and presentation of the restaurant we think.

Prices that can’t even defend the tasty fried food that they serve

All of the food that we bought was tasty. The fried chicken that they served to us must be one of the most delicious chickens fast food places in Oslo. However, the pricing is a real disaster we think. First, you need to order a Meal… so let us say its 8 Strips meal. That costs 139 NOK. Then you need a side dish such as fries which vary between 29 NOK and 44 NOK.

Fried Chicken that is Tasty but Way to Expensive

Then there is a tiny spot on the menu which say that they got a package. But this part of the menu Dr. Crunchy doesn’t promote to good at all we think. In these extra packages, you can add a small side + drink for an additional 49 NOK or Big side + drink for 64 NOK. We wonder why Dr. Crunchy doesn’t have any package that also includes fried chicken bites at all?  Then again a Dip is extra either you have a side package or not. These costs 19 NOK !!!

The pricing at Dr. Crunchy ruins the whole feeling of them. I really wanted to write a positive experience. But what we experienced wasn’t that at all. Maxim Chicken got many types of meals and they are doing great in Oslo. There aren’t any other fried chicken restaurants in the Nydalen area but next to Dr. Crunchy you have a Kebab seller that offers a Kebab + drink for 80 NOK! Will people come to him or to this expensive fried chicken experience? Maybe the restaurant reads our review and improves…? Because this could have become something really nice. Instead, this is a delicious fried chicken place with a price tag that ruins it.

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Source: Etrita Fast Food Experience